Winemaking process defined - Sordato

Winemaking process defined

Executive design of selected services.
Aimed at those requiring:

Dimensioning - Sordato


of process equipment

Design - Sordato


complete with technical specifications

Quantification - Sordato


of investment costs

Development - Sordato


of new process equipment

How we operate

Insight - Sordato


Data analysis and preparation of a document highlighting the necessary investment to develop the process equipment required to meet the client’s needs.

• Data collection and analysis for dimensioning of the process equipment
• Definition of the equipment layout and plans
• Technical/dimensional drawings
• Evaluation of investment costs

The requirements met


Specific technical expertise for the design and development of all process equipment


Preparation of a detailed specification for comparable requests for offer


Provision of technical specifications to the engineers responsible for the facility


Calculation of investment costs to develop the process equipment

The 5 areas of action

Automated grape receiving and product sorting

Automated grape receiving and product sorting

Maximum consistency of incoming grapes, available capacity, predefined processing flows and protocols to optimise the entire process.



Refrigeration and heating systems to ensure reliable and energy-efficient cold and heat cycles at the winery.

Storage and refinement

Storage and refinement

Stable maintenance of ideal conditions for ageing wine in wood, steel or bottles

Automatic washing and recovery systems

Automatic washing and recovery systems

Winery and equipment cleaning using an automatic system that minimises the use of water, detergents and labour.

Technical services

Technical services

Effective and reliable solutions for the production and distribution within the winery of nitrogen, compressed air and domestic water, meeting all specific requirements.