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Research, certifications and patents


Sordato and the University of Verona

Sordato’s partnership with the University of Verona began in 2002, through a research project in the field of grape drying which led to the filing of two international patents in 2006.

This partnership is still ongoing today and it is a tangible sign of the scientific research conducted by Sordato designers in all fields of plant engineering for winemaking.

As a result of this ongoing attention to customers’ needs and constant investment in improvements and technical innovation, Sordato now has some of the most important and well-known operators in the wine sector as its customers and has achieved a leading position in grape drying and plant engineering for wineries.

Università di verona - Sordato
Kinesis - Sordato

23/01/2007 N°0001380720

Sordato Kinesis™

Kinesis™ is a patented automatic grape drying method that allows you to reach the desired sugar concentration in a pre-set time.

Basically, all you have to do is to measure the Brix degrees of your product at regular intervals and enter this information into the system. The software we have developed will do the rest. The whole system will take account of the climate conditions and the reduction in weight measured by using electronic scales.

12/07/2007 N°07106737.7

Sordato Botrytis Control™ (European extension)

Botrytis Control™ allows you to develop and control noble rot inside your grape storage areas.

The uniform and simultaneous formation without the use of Botrytis spores created in the laboratory allows you to obtain a particularly refined product that matches the properties of the typical terrain in your area.

Botrytis Control

26/06/2012 UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

Certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

Sordato S.r.l. was awarded UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certification for its service department

In order to obtain this certification, the company took advantage of funding from the Regional Operational Programme for competitiveness and employment as part of the ERDF “European Regional Development Fund” 2007-2013 in the Veneto Region.

Our quality policy is available upon request.


FGAS Certification

Sordato S.r.l. has also obtained the FGAS certification. This allows the company to carry out work on systems containing gas in accordance with current environmental protection regulations.

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