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Our greatest asset is our people

Our most important asset does not lie in our capital or in our products, but in the people that are part of the company.

Sordato S.r.l. keeps growing every day, along with the people who work there. Enthusiasm, energy and expertise.

Send us your CV and we will get in touch with you if an appropriate opening comes up.

Current jobs

We are looking for a 3D designer with at least 4-5 years of experience in the use of 3D design software such as Solidworks or Solidedge for the development of industrial heat-conditioning projects and the generation of the related bills.


We are looking for a designer who has experience in the sizing and design of thermotechnical systems. He must have the ability to manage orders in the technical field and will coordinate the activities of the technical offices (thermotechnical and electrical) at the service of production, in coordination with the operations manager, to whom he will respond directly.


We are looking for a refrigeration maintenance technician or alternatively a maintenance technician who has electrical / electronic skills and who has the ambition to become a refrigeration technician. He will have to carry out ordinary and extraordinary maintenance at our customers (of an industrial type) who are located throughout northern Italy.


We are looking for a project manager who takes care of the realization of the order, guarantees the correct organization of the installation activities of the systems at the customer and ensures the resolution of problems or requests for changes / implementations submitted by the customer during the realization of the order.


We are looking for a computer technician experienced in programming software written in Delphi or Pascal or C ++ language



    *Mandatory fields