Pipes and insulation

The distribution of refrigeration, heating, fluids and technical gases is of decisive importance for the correct operation of the machines and for maintaining ideal conditions during the production and ageing of wine.


On their correct sizing depends a large part of the level of efficiency and effectiveness of the plants; this is why we pay a great deal of attention during the design and construction of the lines.


In our plants, the piping is made of AISI 304 stainless steel with all the necessary accessories for our hydraulic project: fittings, shut-off valves, vibration-damping joints, brackets.


Sordato offers piping insulation with thermal and anti-condensation insulation and different coating options: stainless steel with a polished finish, PVC or aluminium.

Stainless steel welds, brackets and insulation, besides being fundamental from a functional point of view, also have an important aesthetic value in defining the cellar environment.