Winetica® is an innovative direct measuring and real-time monitoring system for fermentation processes, a revolution on the market that until today was forced to use indirect or lab measurements – less than reliable, expensive and slow.

Whereas the Winetica® system, distributed exclusively by Sordato Srl enables analytic monitoring at any time of all fermentation tanks, signalling any anomalies in good time.

A multi-parameter probe reads all the fermentation process data (sugar, alcohol, temperature, oxygen, pH and many others) and sends them via wireless to an integrated system.

Winetica® enables the protocol to be followed to be set before the start of the season, while during the season it promptly transmits to the technician, even via text, only those anomalies requiring the latter’s decision making.

Finally, low costs, great dynamism, simplicity of use and the possibility of remote control via smartphone or tablet make Winetica® a truly revolutionary support.

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