The Spider Mixer is an automated machine designed to improve and simplify product handling in the winery.

It has a very high accuracy level with an error margin of just 0.2%.

Its main characteristics are flexibility, simple installation and ease of use.

Spider Mixer does not in fact entail expensive modifications to your plant as it uses flexible tubes and any existing fixed lines in your winery, and can transform any business without a product handling plant into a cutting-edge automated winery.

Once the recipe has been entered, exclusive ACC (Automatic Connections Control) continually monitors the flow, working completely unsupervised (24/7) and immediately activates a safety function to protect the product in the event of hydraulic, mechanical or power faults or failure.



This guarantees the correct amount set for the Blend without necessarily completely filling the “final tanks”.

In this operational mode, Spider Mixer blends the product in the “final tanks”, one after another, using water pressure to recuperate product in the tubes.

This way, just one recipe and one piece of equipment make blending possible without any contamination between the various products.


This guarantees that the “feed tanks” are empty, filling the “final tanks”. It divides or groups homogeneous products in one or more tanks.

In this mode, Spider Mixer draws product from the “feed tanks”, one after another, using water pressure to recuperate product in the tubes.

The quantity set and the signal from a mobile sensor on the “final tanks” determine when maximum level is reached.

This way, just one recipe and one piece of equipment make it possible to carry out several transferral operations, guaranteeing that the “final tanks” are full and the “feed tanks” empty.



Fixed part of the system, to which are connected the tubes from the feed and final tanks. It focuses all the information from the satellite units positioned around the plant and physically transfers the product according to the recipe.



Drinking water (washing and pressure) Minimum 7 m³/h @ 3 bar
Compressed Air (actuator) 10Nl/min @ 6 bar
Compressed Nitrogen (inertisation and emptying) [optional] 100Nl/min @ 3 bar
Washing drain and valve Generic floor drain
Power supply 16 KW, 28A, 400V, 3P+T (32A socket)


Capacity with negative suction head > 45 m³/h at 1.5 bar
Capacity with positive suction head > 40 m³/h at 2.5 bar
Accuracy of measurement ± 0.2%
Repeatability of measurement ± 0.1%


Maximum number of satellite units 20 (configuration of tubes in series)
Inlet Connector from 1 to 6 (feed)
Outlet Connectors from 1 to 4 (final)
Level of installation Platform of connected tanks


System mobile device that must be positioned close to the tanks involved in the recipe. It connects the tank to the hydraulic circuit and monitors its use.

The number of satellite units depends on the number of tanks that need to be connected simultaneously for a recipe.


Drinking water (washing and pressure) Minimum 7 m³/h @ 3 bar
Washing drain and valve Generic floor drain
Power supply from Spider Mixer IP65 230V,1A, F+N/PE industrial extension lead


Drain closure speed 4 seconds
Tank cut-off speed in case of fault G15 seconds (also in the event of a power cut)
Wine detection time 1 second


System mobile device that must be attached to the top covers of the tanks and connected with the dedicated connector supplied to the satellite unit of the final tank.

This device excludes any human input errors or inaccuracies linked to effective tank capacities, preventing overflowing.



The management interface is simple and intuitive and start-up is possible after just a few hours’ training, even via remote assistance. It is all commanded by an operator touch panel for entering recipes, receiving information about the equipment and monitoring handling operations.


The operator enters the recipe on the management terminal with product quantities to be transferred and tanks involved in the operation.

Then he/she must connect the tubes to the tanks, satellite units and mixer and start the recipe.


The Spider Mixer automatically checks that all the tubes and connections are working and attached correctly and then starts the procedure without further need for operator intervention. Any faults found during this checking phase are signalled to the operator.


The Spider Mixer carries out a series of operations that transfers the product according to the recipe and then rinses out the tubes.


In addition to transferring the information necessary to make the operator completely independent during initial use of the plant, the internet connection on the PC used for entering all the Spider Mixer operations gives the operator access to remote assistance at any time without any additional costs for the client.

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