Automatic CIP washing unit

Proper cleaning of the winery and all winery equipment is essential for the production of quality wines. These tasks involve a considerable use of manpower, water and detergents. An automated system reduces the use of these critical resources to a minimum.

The Cip system we propose features a control panel from which all functions can be accessed. The operator can set a wide range of recipes to adapt the system to each machine or piece of equipment (e.g. tank wash, vinifier, tangential filter, etc.). Once the various recipes have been created, they can be quickly recalled.

The following options can be set for each recipe:
• the type of cleaning agent (water, soda etc.)
• the delivery method (flow capacity, pressure)
• the flow duration and the quantity of cleaning agent
• any recovery or discharge

The automatic functions of the CIP unit include:
• re-titration of soda
• filling the pipes
• air injection
• creation of alerts and messages for the operator, as required

Each recipe can be modified or paused and each recipe step can be bypassed or repeated at any time. Before carrying out any maintenance work on the piping system or before periods of inactivity the CIP unit can be emptied and washed. There is a completely automatic washing programme available for such operations.