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Attention to our customers’ needs and continuous improvement and innovation; this is why Sordato is now a partner of important and well-known operator in enology and a leader in grapes drying and winery making. .

Claudio Sordato begins his activity as artisan and trouble-shooter, specializing in industrial and commercial cooling plants assistance.

1983 is the year of the first fermentation control plant entirely designed and realized by Sordato company.

From the collaboration with many of the most important wine cellars of the area, the exigency of preserving the drying grapes process come out, even in the climatic most difficult years. A environment humidity control machine is designed, with specific features for this type of application. In the 1990s Sordato focuses its activities on plants maintenance and realization in the enological sector, and realizes the first electronic control and plant supervision systems.

At the end of the 1990s, his eldest son Giorgio joins the company.

Sordato is expanding, with new employees and revenues. In 2000 there is the opening of the new base in via XX Settembre, Monteforte.

In the HQ, there is a big meeting room with an audio and video system and ready for videoconferences, there are cutting edge workstations, a well furnished computerized storage, in order to support the new enormous potentialities of the research department.

Our new structure, a former winery, has a huge and important warehouse.

New engineers and the two CEO’s sons provide new energy in design, assistance and building solutions.

In 2002 starts the collaboration with the University of Verona for research on drying grapes methods. Take out of two patents on drying grapes processes (2006).



Design and realisation of a new innovative and automatic solution for wine blending: Spider-Mixer


Design and realization of the Sistema Travaso Automatico mobile – Automatic mobile decant system

Design and realization of the first CO2 free plant with boiler cippato and an absorbing grigo – frigo? fridge group.


Exhibitor at SIMEI – International Enological and Bottling Equipment Exhibition


Brand new remote control and supervision system.


Take out of two patents on drying grapes processes.


Technical centre and sales office have three new engineers (electrical, mechanical, industrial). Luca e Franco, CEO’s sons, join the company.


Sordato Srl (Ltd.). is born. Collaboration with the University of Verona on a drying grape research project.