Project Description

This panel allows you to meet most automation needs for tanks, fermenters, stabilizers, or autoclaves.

Basic configuration

  • Temperature control in hot and cold or automatic hot/cold
  • Valve status check with immediate alarm in the event of failure (before the temperature exceeds the set parameters)
  • Standby function security: possibility of temporarily turning off every single utility if the fluid temperature inside the piping does not meet the set parameters (e.g., fluid too cold or too hot leading to poor operation of the cooling unit or heating unit)

In addition to these basic functions it can be set in the following operation modes:

Sparkling wine autoclave

The program allows you to set each degassing cycle.

Semi-sparkling wine autoclave

This application is very similar to the previous one with the difference being that the degassing valve is not controlled, only the temperature of the product is, based on the pressure reached.

Tartaric precipitation

In this case the operation of  the agitator can be set to reach a predetermined temperature threshold and its operation can be managed until the end of the cycle.


Check operation of the blades, over-pumping and macro oxygenation.

Displaying and managing the parameters is done directly on your PC. Each utility can provide a text document for collecting the data related to each individual tank.

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