Project Description

Barrel/wine cellar climate control

This tool has the function to maintain stable and ideal conditions for ageing wine in wood. To faithfully reproduce the conditions of a natural environment, this process should be checked at every stage.

The Sordato Barrel software collects data from five temperature probes and two humidity probes and regulates the temperature of the refrigerant/heating liquid so that the air passing through the coils doesn’t reach the dew point in one case and doesn’t heat up too much in the other. This minimizes the artificial humidification, keeping the temperature and humidity conditions in the room stable.

Our software optimizes the calibrated co-injection of steam directly into the output channel of the Thermohygrometric control unit. This not only avoids the deposit of droplets on the barrels, it also provides a significant energy savings.

Intelligent air handling allows you to have healthy environments and free of microclimate areas. For this reason our UGT offers not only air filtration but also the possibility of sterilising it by means of UV lamps or ionise it using a special Kit

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