Project Description

Drying with fans and dehumidifier

One of the great advantages of the drying systems that we offer is that they do not require any special location. You can use an old barn or an area inside an industrial warehouse and the result will not change. We will design the dehumidification and air flow management to ensure you achieve an organically healthy product that is consistent with your goals.

Another fundamental value of our what we propose is to not replace nature but merely to imitate it. For this reason we do not force the dehydration process but we correct the temperature and humidity in the environment only if strictly necessary.

In doing the above described, we cannot ignore cost containment. You will quickly recover your initial investment and minimize the cost per kilogram of product. To achieve this we collect and intelligently manage external air, and when weather conditions permit, we only use natural and/or forced ventilation to standardize the microclimate inside the storeroom.

Electronic management of the drying process also gives you the possibility to choose between different programs. You can set the duration of the cycle for the desired weight loss and/or the maximum temperature to be maintained in the environment.

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